Jennifer Allen, LMFT, ATR-BC & Charles Ahern, Ph.D.
All S.E.T.
26485 Carmel Rancho blvd #5

All S.E.T. for the Land of Uncertainty is the first therapeutic board game of our series. This game helps parents, teachers and therapists support kids through the serious illness of a loved one. All board games and card sets in the series are informed by neuropsychology and use mindfulness and expressive practices to teach a All S.E.T. literacy: emotional intelligence via somatic sensation, emotions, and thought. Stay tuned for more children and teen helping tools for grief, divorce, spectrum issues, and general emotional literacy, which we could all benefit from! If you'd like a copy of this game, more information, or to be on the mailing list as games become available, please contact us at For more information and resources for anticipatory grief and bereavement go to: